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Changes start from the inside. Let's spark them together.

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Development of leaders

To be a leader calls for constant development. Leaders need growth for their own sake, and also for the sake of their teams, companies and the entire community. Start your own development!

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Organizational development

The environment is changing, keep up. The leadership style and corporate culture influence the organization and the environment. Start development!

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Assessment and Support Tools

When working with leaders, the key question is whom, where and how to develop? Check out a set of certified assessment and support tools for personal and professional development.


Renaissance leadership

Leadership Development Program Renaissance leadership is based on seven leonardo da vinci principles, which are translated into seven program modules.

My Philosophy

Transformation of an organization’s culture starts with its leader

It facilitates the growth of business results and helps create conditions for transforming the lives of people who lead, manage and work in an organization. The end result of this process benefits the broad environment and society in general. I serve as a reliable support to leaders in their development, so that they could transform the world into a happy place to live in.
I observe the man as a whole, and also as a part of the system much larger than himself. I use an integrative approach in working with leaders on their overall wellbeing, focusing on emotional intelligence as the key element of modern leadership…

My Activities

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