I work with successful people who are motivated to reach their personal potential, improve their performance and advance in careers.

Executive & business coaching

Being a leader who works with a coach, be prepared to be vulnerable.  This is the only way to get the opportunity to:

  • appraise the skills you should upgrade and develop in order do be even more successful
  • change perspective and explore your blind spots in order to improve your leadership
  • become aware of your limiting beliefs, models of behaviour and habits that are neither useful nor healthy for you, your environment and your business so you can make your success sustainable

A coach doesn’t fix people and doesn’t work with people who are not willing to cooperate. It is a waste of time.

Systemic team coaching with top management

What does the world expect from your leadership?

Sustainability plays a key role in systemic team coaching with top management. In the process of achieving the set goals: 

  • set up the values and culture
  • strengthen a team,
  • define long-term goals and strategies etc.

key stakeholders that are taken into account are also longevity, social responsibility and inter-connection with the wider system in which the corporation operates.

Emotional intelligence for leaders

Working with top-level leaders, we often encounter strong ego power and resistance. It may be attributed to low values in some areas of emotional intelligence (EI).
EI comprehends:

  • understanding oneself
  • understanding others
  • the quality of interpersonal relationships
  • adapting and accommodating the demands from the environment and the system.

The measure of emotional intelligence is the measure of a sound mind and capability to successfully tackle the challenges – the most important strength in the world that constantly changes.
Large corporations have accepted the emotional intelligence concept, primarily related to the processes of recruitment of candidates and selection of staff for promotion, particularly for top management positions. Have you?

Good news: emotional intelligence can be developed!

Not an easy time for leaders!

Along with ensuring profits, results and success, the qualities of leaders that are becoming increasingly valued are:

  • authenticity,
  • vulnerability,
  • presence at the moment.

Transition to higher position

Your leader’s career has advanced and you have assumed a higher position?

By working with a coach, initially you will be able to systematically analyse the situation you are facing, to take the relevant stand and develop a strategy for your own development, but also for the development of your team and business. At stake are global, local, corporate and personal considerations, the harmony of which will be re-examined, thereby setting the path for your development as a newly appointed leader. A unique experience, as testified by the ones who have undergone this process. See for yourself!