Find out how principles of Leonardo da Vinci contribute to the 21st century leadership!

A frequent topic in working with leaders is the fulfilment of expectations of others and uncertain business trends.
All leaders are sooner or later faced with the question ”Am I good enough?”, and that is the moment when a vast space for growth is opened up.

The leader development programme Renaissance leadership is based on seven Da Vinci’s principles, converted into seven programme modules:

  • an insatiable curiosity (curiosità)
  • a commitment to test knowledge through experience (dimostrazione)
  • continued refinement of the senses (sensazione)
  • a willingness to embrace ambiguity (sfumato)
  • developing a balance between art and science (arte/scienza)
  • cultivating fitness and poise (corporalità)
  • recognition of the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena, systems thinking (connessione)