svetionik u meni

Imagine what would happen if your dreams came true despite the circumstances, difficult situation and the fate that is not always on your side! Try to imagine yourself at the finish line, doing what you want to do…
What does it look like? What can you see? What can you hear? Who is next to you? Where are you? What colours are you surrounded with? What does it feel like?
Keep these thoughts for a moment and consider what is it that prevents you from moving to your goal?
You don’t know how? You cannot see a clear path?
Good news: if we don’t see the path, it doesn’t mean it is not there! The only important thing is that the goal is in front of us, that it can be achieved and more importantly – that we know WHY.

decak u odelu direktora

This is a story about professional coaching in business environment.  I will introduce you to my clients:  senior managers, decision-makers, drivers of major changes, who are actually – ordinary people. They just wear executive suits. Working with top-level clients in local and international companies for more than 10 years now, I have heard a lot of their stories. The fear of incompetence, micro-management traps, challenges of the work-life balance. Challenges in decision-making processes, bestowing trust and delegating decisions to team members or working in an environment that conflicts with their values.

All these stories have one common underlying trait – they are told by ordinary people with everyday desires, troubles, expectations and fears.