One2Grow – Leadership Coaching, the agency for business excellence was established in 2011. The idea was to team up the top-class coaches in the region and offer the business coaching services for large-scale projects. All the commissioned coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation ICF, with at least ACC level (Associated Certified Coach), where the majority of them is certified on a higher level – PCC (Professional Certified Coach). All coaches are professionals with extensive corporate experience at the positions of managers, executives and educators in local and international companies.

How we work?

We deliver business coaching by combining different coaching methods (Erickson, NLP coaching, PCM coaching, Co-Active, Business Coaching Diploma). The sessions are held in Serbian and in English. Besides sessions in person, we successfully implement online sessions as well.


We develop individuals, teams and organizations for the purpose of ensuring responsible business operations through an innovative approach and credibility.


Responsible society of strong individuals.


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    We acquire new and empower the existing know-hows and skills. We also move the boundaries of contemporary business.

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    Our activities are based on the standards of international, licenced programmes and extensive experience on menagerial positions in corporations

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    We are committed to developing potentials of individuals, teams and organizations in order to strengthen our business and achieve top results.

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    We encourage the good through the development of individuals, whose positive change has wider implications.