Let me introduce myself

I am partnering with executives in order for them to achieve their definition of career & relationship success through, tough but quality coaching conversations.
I have coached to accelerate career development at all levels from high potential leaders to the full range of executives at local, regional and global C-Suite / executive committee levels.
I coach following the International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics.

I have spent 10+ years on leading / decision making positions in international and national corporations.

My name is Mirjana Gomilanovic and I am a professional certified coach and speaker in the field of leader development and organizational growth, the author of books A Lighthouse in Me and A Boy in Executive Suit, executive director of the agency “One2grow – Leadership Coaching” and the author of a unique leader development programme “What are we taught by Leonardo?”.

Coaching and I

By my formal education, I am a master of electrical engineering. After 12 years of successful career at the positions of sales and marketing executives in local and international companies (IBM, Siemens, Telekom Srbija and Orion telekom), where I performed, in addition to commercial assignments, the training, mentoring and coaching activities, coaching has spontaneously entered my life.

After more than ten years of international career, I experienced a change within. I started asking myself the question “Why is this important to me?” and I realized that I no longer found it important. I discovered a much more important part of life: my contribution, a trace I would love to leave behind to make this world a happier place to live in. Then I started asking myself the question: ”How can I…?” and that’s how I discovered coaching.

Let’s open discussion about your job - and make contribution for further achievements.

The way I work

My expertise is based on the knowledge and experience acquired over more than ten years of working and learning, for which I was awarded certificates and credits by world-known consulting and certifying institutions.
I apply personal experience in my work. I run the projects of development of leaders, managers and employees, through coaching and education, in large local and international companies.

What I believe in

I believe that we are all born to be happy, and that all business should be human-centric. That is why my clients are mostly top-level executives, since I know they have major impact on the life quality of many people – their employees, but also their friends and families. Therefore, maximizing the strengths of leaders benefits not only them, but also the organizations and the entire environment

Who I work with

Predominantly with large global corporations, state institutions, international agencies and non-profitable organizations. My clients share my view that business ethics is not an oxymoron, but rather a necessity.

I have taken part in the mentoring programme of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) MenProSAM and I am the current mentor in programmes “Share your knowledge – become a mentor”.
I am a member of the Friends of UNICEF Club.

Who am I, when I'm (not) working

A am dedicated mother to Lana, Nikola and Filip. Head over heels in love with my husband Predrag. A daughter, a sister, a friend.


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