If you want to have a motivational speaker at your event, team building, strategic meeting or a party, it is important to know what you intend to achieve. What type of change would you like to encourage among your team members?

The speech should stir up emotions

You have to make sure what type of emotion you want the speaker to convey and to stir among the listeners. Everybody wants to hear a true, genuine emotion – a non-authentic speech may produce completely contrary effects.

Why you should call me?

I stand at your disposal if you want to accomplish the following in your team:

  • to raise the level of motivation and self-confidence
  • to create strong resolve for implementing strategic projects
  • to overcome the fear and resistance to changes
  • to boost the sense of satisfaction, unity and commitment

Get ready!

Before the real event, we will stage a preparatory meeting, agree on the speech topics, desired effects and the emotion you want us to convey. I will ask you to explain the reason why you want to convey precisely that message at that specific moment. What is the current state of affairs? The corporate culture? What kind of values you nurture in the company?

Learn how to deliver a speech

If you want to learn how to motivate your team and develop motivational speaking skills, we will jointly make your combination of rules of the public speaking and public address art. We will connect your personal values with your goals and shift the focus to the target group you are about to address.